John L. Neu (1938-2013)

John L. Neu, former Chairman and CEO of Hugo Neu Corporation, was an innovative businessman and socially responsible philanthropist who worked at Hugo Neu for more than 50 years. John was a pioneer in the recycling industry, and also an ardent supporter of social justice, animal rights and the environment.

John served as Chairman and CEO of Hugo Neu Corporation, founded by his father, from 1985 until his death in February 2013. Internationally known and respected as one of the true giants in the field, John built Hugo Neu into the largest exporter of scrap steel from the United States. John also had considerable experience in international shipping and real estate.

In 2005, John sold Hugo Neu Corporation's metal recycling businesses to Sims Group, creating the largest recycling company in the world. He remained as Vice Chairman of Sims until 2007, then moved Hugo Neu Corporation into innovative new areas of recycling, real estate and cleantech investments.

John's business and philanthropic efforts were memorialized in Forbes, (click here).

John's strategic vision and commitment to ethical business practices serve as a guidepost to Hugo Neu Corporation in all of the company's business and charitable endeavors.